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viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Injusticia inmunda: Presupuesto de UE para Palestina es en realidad usado por el asesino estado de Israel.

What this means was not immediately clear, as 40% of the EU donation (the 60 million Euros) mentioned on its statement goes directly to the so-called Palestinian military system. These are thousands of soldiers who do nothing in occupied Palestine apart from ONLY protecting the israeli occupation and sucking millions of Euros for the continuing “security” coordination with Israel, instead of protecting the Palestinians from the uncounted criminal elements which have settled there under auspices of israel..

The security coordination means that the PA arrests Palestinian politicians and resistance, re-arrests the prisoners which Israel releases them from its jails, jails them without trial. This is the ONLY duty of the PA military system, and ONLY because of that the EU donates millions for an otherwise useless Palestinian military.

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