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VIRTUDES PRUSIANAS (Brandenburgo-Prusia, Alemania):
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viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Pero los tarugos vitoreando la nauseabunda corona inglesa... Británicos en el Amazonas

On This Day (3/17/1911): In 1911 a historic report submitted by Irish investigator Roger Casement found that over 30,000 Amazon indigenous people were enslaved,... tortured, raped and starved in just 12 years during the rubber boom. R. Casement was sent by the British government to investigate crimes committed by British-registered rubber giant, the Peruvian Amazon Company. He found, “The crimes charged against many men now in the employ of the Peruvian Amazon Company are of the most atrocious kind, including murder, violation, and constant flogging”. Agents of the company rounded up dozens of indigenous tribes in the western Amazon to collect wild rubber for the European and American markets. In a few short decades many of the tribes were completely wiped out.
Y al pobre de Casemet la corona no se lo perdonó, lo dicho, una apestoza inmundicia el imperio británico:
"Roger Casement

Roger David Casement — known as Sir Roger Casement Kt. CMG between 1911 and shortly before his execution for treason, when he was stripped of his knighthood — was an Irish nationalist, activist, patriot and poet."

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