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VIRTUDES PRUSIANAS (Brandenburgo-Prusia, Alemania):
Perfecta organización * Sacrificio * Imperio de la ley * Obediencia a la autoridad * Militarismo * Fiabilidad * Tolerancia religiosa * Sobriedad * Frugalidad * Pragmatismo * Puntualidad * Modestia * Diligencia

jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

La última de conspiraciones: ¿ Es Angela Merkel una agente "zombie" de Rusia y la vieja URSS/KGB ?

Sí, así de chistoso como se oye...

Ever wondered what Angela Merkel had in mind with her decision to phase out nuclear energy? Dependency on Russian energy, if you believe some prominent conspiracy theorists. They'd like you to believe the German chancellor is some kind of KGB "sleeper agent" installed by Moscow at the end of the Cold War. 

For people from the states of the former West Germany, those from the East just can't be trusted entirely -- it's a latent suspicion people have always had. For anyone who is drilled from childhood on to hide his or her feelings and thoughts, having two faces becomes second nature.

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