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sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Y casi al mismo tiempo en Rusia e Indonesia: Hacen erupción TRES volcanes en península de Kamchatka

A cloud of volcanic dust may pose a threat to air traffic

Google Translate: "- Enviado mediante la barra Google",na-dalekim-wschodzie-trzesie-sie-ziemia-i-wybuchaja-wulkany.html

( -- Two volcanoes in Eastern Russia , Kamchatka and one other in Indonesia, have erupted around the same time as the Japan 8.9-magnitude Earthquake on Friday.

Meteorologist Kevin Martin is the lead scientist here at and explains in his own way what may actually be happening.

"Waves from the Earthquake have been ringing the planet like bell, causing stress in all sections of the planet", Martin said. "Imagine a calm magma chamber that just needs one push, even if a few feet. This would be enough to cause instability in the chambers, causing volcanic eruptions in various locations. These three eruptions will not be the only mountains to go and other quakes worldwide will follow as the worldwide faults get disturbed.

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