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viernes, 1 de mayo de 2015

Herzl el padre de la barbarie sionista, no tuvo problema en el genocidio de armenios - Israel News | Haaretz

How Herzl sold out the Armenians - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz

El padre de la barbarie sionista, entregó armenios a la muerte con la esperanza de hacerse de Palestina. Mal orígen, mal desarrollo, mla desenlace.

Claro, en lugar de comprar Palestina al Imperio Otomano, le resultó más barato - siempre es cosa de dinero con estos sujetos - darle luz verde a los hoy turcos para sacrificar miles de armenios.

"The Armenian question has occupied the Zionist movement since a mass killing of Armenians was carried out by the Turks in the mid 1890s – prior even to the First Zionist Congress. Herzl’s strategy was based on the idea of an exchange: The Jews would pay off the Ottoman Empire’s huge debt, in return for the acquisition of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state there, with the major powers’ consent. Herzl had been working hard to persuade Sultan Abdul Hamid II to accept the proposal, but to no avail.
“Instead of offering the Sultan money,” Herzl’s diplomatic agent Philip Michael Nevlinski (who also advised the Sultan) told him, “give him political support on the Armenian issue, and he’ll be grateful and accept your proposal, in part at least.” The Christian European countries had been critical of the murder of Armenian Christians at the hands of Muslims, and committees supporting the Armenians had been founded in various places, and Europe also offered refuge to leaders of the Armenian revolt. This situation made it very difficult for Turkey to obtain loans from European banks."

Theodor Herzl in Basel.

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