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VIRTUDES PRUSIANAS (Brandenburgo-Prusia, Alemania):
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jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

No había necesidad de una 2a Guerra Mundia. Churchill no Hitler el visceral belicoso

There Was No Need For World War II

"There was no need for World War II. Adolf Hitler was
doing everything he could to come to peace terms with Britain, but Winston
Churchill would not have it. Churchill knew of the many peace offers coming
from the German government. He knew that neither Hitler nor any other Nazi
leaders wanted to fight Britain."

What Churchill meant by "when we were completely
isolated" was the time before Russia and the United States became
involved. Churchill kept the war going for a purpose. Britain at this time
was so weak that Germany could have smashed her within a few weeks. Had
Hitler been the kind of man history says he was and had he captured the
British army at Dunkirk, which he could easily have done and should have
done, he could have written the peace ticket without invading Britain.
Churchill's worried son Randolph asked Churchill a few days after he became
the prime minister how could he expect to win this war. Churchill replied,
"I shall drag the United States in."2

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